Published April 11, 2012 by Tony


Sharon Stone crying

It’s a long time that an Italian and annual TV talent show, called “AMICI” (friends), is having a huge success. The show presented by the well-liked presenter Maria de Filippi, is a kind of school where a group of young singers and dancers, chosen during a previous long selections, compete each other to reach the final. In school, in addition to a fixed number of singing and dancing teachers, also participate record companies experts, famous dancers and characters of the show. During the final, the votes are entitled to teachers, to a team of experts and to viewers at home (which vote via SMS or phone). For the winners there are several different awards, also if a contract with a “record company” and one with a note “dance company”, are the most sought by the young artists. It is not the first time that a winner of “AMICI” then becomes famous, as the case of the singer Alessandra Amoroso, who later even won the renowned “Festival di Sanremo”. The most talented artists, by now famous, often participate as guests in subsequent editions of this talent show, and during the final on Sunday last, among the three guests invited to the transmission, there also was Sharon Stone. The famous actress has followed with interest the individual performances, often amazed by the skill of the young and attractive competitors. But the emotion that even brought her to weep, while listening at Alessandra Amoroso, has caused more stir and headlines. Perhaps, it is due to gospel sung by Alessandra Amoroso, who chose an unusual version of the song “If You Do not Know Me by Now” of Simply Red, an English lyric that Stone has understood, considered that most were Italian songs; or simply because after so many good performances, she has realized that there are around very young people already with so much talent.
How can she be wrong! For sure, attending a show with a magnificent orchestra where no one sings in playback, and where all the admirable performers are in their early twenties, can cause a big thrill in everyone!

Alessandra Amoroso performance


Or here

. a dancer performance

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