Published April 16, 2012 by Tony


Probably you Americans don’t know that in Italy the minimum age to obtain the standard driver’s license (class “A” for you and “B” for us), fixed legally, always has been 18 for everyone, while in USA, according to the different licensing laws by states and district, the age ranges from 14 to 18.
From this month, because a new law by decree, also in Italy the eligible age goes down, becoming 16, but with some limitation. It cannot be compared to the classic driving license (“B”) but considered as an “accompanied driving” or GA as it will be called.
In fact, the teenager already must be in possession of the lower license (class A for motorcycles till 125cc.) and gets through a requisite test which provide for 10 driving tests in different hours of the day and on various roads. Besides, as told, it always needs an adult supervision who mustn’t be older than 60, having a driving license from not less than 5 years and no driving disqualification in the last 5 years. Furthermore, no passenger can be carried, aside from the supervisor. This new license will have legal validity till 18th years of age and during the two years of “trial” will not be tolerated any violations of the rules of the road for which is provided for the revocation of the driving license, otherwise the GA will be revoked definitively, with no opportunity to apply for it again.

In Italy, the driver’s card (class B) requires two driving exams, by the written test and the practical road test. Usually most people choose a driving school which aside from lessons in theory, provides appropriate vehicles for the road test.
In Italy, a decree of April 1992, established new and stricter rules of the road with the establishment of “penalty points”. Briefly, at any license or driver, are assigned twenty points, which decrease every time an infraction is committed. For newly-drivers the lost points for each violation are doubled during the first three years. When all points have been exhausted, the license is suspended with the obligation to revise by a new driving test, then getting back the initial 20 points if successful.

Our plastic driving card is considered an “identification card” though, differently from you and many others countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada and United Kingdom,  which have no national identity cards – because of the widespread use of cars, the driver’s licenses has been used as a de facto standard form of identification –  in Italy, instead, we have different ways to proof our identity, as the most prevalent “ID card” issued by any local municipality. Long since the most widespread and common “document of identification”, because the only one for older people, while in the past only a few people had a driver’s license.  It is a paper card (5,9×4,3 in.) folded in two, with personal details, a photo and the township stamp, with ten years of validity.

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