Published April 19, 2012 by Tony


Hey you, just you, how many children do you have?
It may seem a trivial and simple question which you give a prompt answer at, but if recently or in the past you have been a sperm donor, then your answer might be wrong. In this case, that you officially have no children or if you have had one or two with your wife, how can you be sure that your seed has not been used to fertilize other women?
There is nothing to wonder at this, but you’ll do it reading the news of a donator which is supposed to be the genetic father of almost 600 children! Fearful!
This happened in a UK fertility clinic where in the 1940s  Bertold Wiesner and his wife were responsible for helping more than 1.500 families conceive. According to the Times, children and families are beginning to discover that some sperm banks allow donors to father lots and lots of kids.  Regulation seems like a win-win situation for everyone, except for sperm banks, which currently profit from the ability to sell the same man’s sperm to lots of women. On the other hand, in a normal ejaculato, men emit million of spermatozoa that can be used to fertilize female eggs. I have heard that many people, especially young, often donate their sperm because, as for blood, they receive a small sum of money in return. Each bank varies in what they pay per specimen but, usually the range is $35-$60 per specimen and with the possibility to be anonymous. Lately, the price is increasing for regular donators, as I read an article where some companies announce that donators even can make $400 to $1,000 each month donating their sperm. Many sperm banks will pay more for tall well-educated men. .. gosh!
If you consider that most people between 18 and 30 years have a regular auto-erotic activity, wasting their sperm at each ejaculation, should not be a surprise that, who needs an extra cash without much work, goes willingly in a sperm a bank, then doing the same thing he usually would do in his bathroom. In fact, sperm donation is usually motivated by money rather than altruism.
Lately, U.K. law prohibits “bulk donations” in order to reduce the possibility of unintended incest if couples from the same donor met and produced children. British donors can now make up to 10 such donations. I guess there are no similar federal laws in the U.S. or around.


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