Published April 28, 2012 by Tony

No Condoms as Evidence Bill

Got Rubbers? Police May Arrest You!

To be honest, I was shocked when I read that in New York , for one, it is a crime and I could be arrested and accused of prostitution if police find out I am carrying one or some condoms. Absurd! If I had my car’s hood filled with boxes of condoms, maybe I would understand this charge. For who doesn’t know, currently U.S. police and courts can use the fact that people have or are carrying one or more condoms to prove that they are engaging in criminal activity, such as sex-workers. OMG!
“When it comes to condom possession and use, United Sates’ health and criminal procedure policies are at odds,” as the Senator Velmanette Montgomery says. For decades, city and state agencies have promoted safe sex practices as a public health priority and NYC., in particular, has taken this health campaign to the streets of the five boroughs, distributing millions of free condoms as a way to help combat sexually transmitted diseases and infections…. instead? This absurd regulation brings people to avoid carrying some condom in their pockets.
And this especially strikes those who are typically profiled by the police as possible sex workers, who are afraid of carrying preservatives and thus often engage in sex work without condoms. In the 2010 study conducted by DOMH, 57% of the sex workers interviewed said that they had had condoms taken away from them by a NYC police officer. While, in the 2011 study, 45.7% of sex workers interviewed did not carry condoms at some point for fear of police repercussions. This just is a good way to combat sexual diseases…. compliments!
“Confiscation of condoms for use as evidence of prostitution-related offenses is widespread in New York City and has serious public health consequences for sex workers and members of their communities,” said Katherine Todrys, a consultant for Human Rights Watch. Anyway, in New York, public health experts, human rights activists and advocates for sex workers and the LGBT community, are joining in calling for the passage of the Senator’s Montgomery legislation (S.323/A.1008) that should bar the use of condoms as evidence of prostitution.  The bill has support from various human rights groups, including Human Rights Watch, Streetwise and Safe, and the Sex Workers Project at the Urban Justice Center. Thanks God!

A different and better news about Argentine government policies instead. Here,  the minister Guillermo Moreno, not only speaks explicitly about condom use, but also made clear that his country needs more. For this he summoned the two leading manufacturers of condoms in Argentina, asking them to increase production to meet internal demand. For contractors, the Argentine government has asked to supply 3 million condoms more per year, to avoid even having to refuel abroad, in China, Malaysia and India.


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