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Published May 3, 2012 by Tony


We cannot do without admire and appreciate the German government’s decision to legalize in their country, one of the world’s oldest trades: the prostitution. If nothing else, a first step towards an important human need which is the sexuality, by all underestimated and criminalized.
Unfortunately, hypocrisy and ignorance, often due to atavistic morality and dubious religions interpretations, has worldwide produced in years, a sex-phobic society, as well as unhappy people, with all the consequences then derived: clandestine prostitution, streetwalkers, crime, disease, sexual violence, pornography, frustration and lawlessness. Although the comparison may seem anachronistic and inappropriate, by prehistoric time till early middle-ages, sex has never produced so many distortions, deviations and diseases such as those occurred since governments and religions, to a greater or lesser degree, have regulated it by laws and prohibitions. Rules which vexed and limit harshly each sexuality. The same goes for other distortions such as the drugs use, and for some reason, in these cases, the data and statistics so obvious are useless and the situation of no interest, perhaps to avoid being considered as the “depraved” on duty! Too many hypocrisy as plenty of moralistic bigots around, but few politicians and rulers brave and objective.
The realistic and reasonable behavior of Germany brings money into FKK clubthe nation coffers, limits the spread of sexual diseases and crime linked to pimps or prostitution. It is no small thing! In fact, in 2002, was approved a bill, proposed by the German Green Party, which allowed prostitutes to obtain regular employment contract. The founding principle of the new rules is that prostitution should not be considered an immoral activity. So that prostitutes can work as regular employees with a contract of employment or as self-employed. Thus they pay income taxes and the levying of VAT, according to a charging scheme in which they must pay in advance a certain daily amount, which must be cashed by the brothels owners, which are considered registered enterprises that need no special permissions. In addition, federal law requires compulsory health checks.
This German model has found its ultimate expression with the establishment of luxury FKK, acronym that means “frei körper kultur” (free body culture), because these red light spas, as in ancient Roman thermae, are complete relaxation centres with swimming pools and Jacuzzis, cinema-halls, massage rooms, buffets, entertainment areas and bedrooms for those who need them. Some might compare these German ‘oases of sex’ to the simple “brothels” of old times, but they are much more, as organized by trade unions and protected by police as well as being real spas, complete with restaurant where, by an acceptable fee (which can vary from 10 to 70 €), you can stay as long as you want (night and day) and use the facilities and the buffet. FKKMany also have gardens with outdoor swimming pools,  hidden from prying eyes, of course. You can rest peacefully or move around naked and meet different girls in skimpy clothes or nude, with which you can pass the time chatting and if you want, then isolate with one of them in a bedroom for sex and paying directly to her the required fee, depending on the chosen performance. Typically there is a wide range of choice with girls of different ethnicities and look, whose charge is quite affordable (there is the basic rule to pay more or less 50 € for a ratio of half an hour, the contractual relationship, the classic “quickie”).
What more could you want?
A lot of RFF clubs or oasis have been opened with thousands tourists and managers coming from all over Europe (including Italy). In the broadest sense of the sex industry (prostitutes, escorts, call girls, call boys) in Germany work more than 400.000 people, a host that every day meets the needs of a number of customers that exceeds one million, with an estimated turnover of 15 billion euros a year.