Nong Youhui

Published May 4, 2012 by Tony


The case of the “catboy”  has come to the fore again.
Time ago the news of Nong Youhui, a child born in the Chinese region of Guangxi with light-blue eyes, went around the world. Why?
Because it’s a very rare event for Asians to have eyes colored different from black or brown and, more surprisingly, because later the baby was able to see in the dark, just like cats.
The newborn’s parents, worried about the unusual color, took the child to hospital, but doctors told them not to worry because with the growth things would become normal.
But things did not change, instead over time the child improved his ability to see in the dark and for this he was subjected to various experiments to determine how effective his eyesight was. In a completely dark room, doctors asked him to write a few words and do some simple operations, and he performed the task flawlessly, following the lines. In front of cameras of the local TV, the child passed another test, described by journalist Bi Donglei: “We put him in complete darkness. I could not see the people next to me. We showed him some playing cards and he gave us the correct answer immediately”.
Quingji Ning, his schoolteacher, amazed and amused said: “They told me that his eyes were like cat. In fact, when in the dark his eyes are illuminated with a beam of light, they shine. So I asked him if he really could see in the darkness and he said yes. Once I invited him to catch the crickets at night and he said he could do it without the need of light”.

Nong Youhui
Today Nong is six and despite the attention and curiosity surrounding him, he seems a normal boy.
Doctors do not have a precise answer about the reason for this anomaly, and someone supposed to be a sort of luekodermia which in this case has affected the eyes only, making them more sensitive. The luekodermia, a sort of vitiligo, is a disease that causes more or less extensive patches of lighter skin (depigmentation) on the body.
Obviously about this case around and on the web arose curiosity and fanciful hypotheses, with those who said he is a human-alien crossbreed or a Starchild, those who thought he is a  “crystal child” with super capability and those who talked about genetic mutation. For others, the most skeptical, apart the color, it is a hoax propagated by the poor family looking to make a quick profit by selling the news to the media. Who knows!

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