Published May 5, 2012 by Tony


May, the weather is still unstable in Italy, with hot days and then some rainy and windy. In Naples, today, the weather is slightly overcast and windy, with an average temperature to 18 ° C. According to the weather forecasting, in Naples we should have rain between Monday and Tuesday, with temperatures ranging from +7 (overnight) to + 21 centigrade. As usually, this is the uncertain season, and we do not know what to wear. We often go out early in the morning with a temperature of 10 ° C and later at midday a strong sunshine can bring the temperature at 25 even! You can not leave the house with a simple T-shirt and later become ridiculous if you wear a sweater, while annoying to carry around jackets or blazers. But if this is the price to pay for living in a place with the most favorable weather conditions in the world …. so be it!

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