European Women Wishlist

Published May 25, 2012 by Tony

Sex or Holiday
Women wishes list

A survey conducted by the site “” in six European countries (England, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Germany), lays bare the wishes-list of participants.
Whether it’s an adventurous trip or an amorous affair, we all fantasize with open eyes and have dreams, but thanks to this survey, it is interesting to find out if women indulge more frequently in thinking about journeys or other. This statistic shows how many times a day women think of faraway destinations:

italy Italian 1.63
spain Spanish 1.75
french French 1.51
german German 1.29
irish Irish 1.12
uk English 1.00

Low values indicate that the women are clearly focused  on other “wishes”, and Italian women, even if fiercest “dreamers”, lose the primacy of “warm” women who indulge in “hot” thoughts.  As the following rates shows, at the first place they are, oddly enough, the Irish women, while women from France and Spain are too busy to think about traveling rather than fantasize about sex. Thank goodness, in the “male universe” it still is the “old good sex” the main protagonist of the wishes.

irish Irish 1.73
uk English 1.40
german German 1.33
italy Italian 1.32
french French 1.23
spain Spanish 1.18

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