Published May 27, 2012 by Tony


There was to be expected, after the time of social networks on large scale, where it only is the number of “contacts”  that gives importance to our virtual space, now things are going against the trend. And to think that the same Facebook was created to bring together old school friends only, where each profile was bound to a select group of friends so they could stay in touch. But success, as usually, brings to make things big and Facebook become an unmanageable cauldron, where things are shared with everyone,  relatives, friends, friends of friends and perfect strangers in all places of the globe, for a maximum of 5.000 contacts. A digital real and unreal promiscuity, where dangerously people share everything. This confused coexistence and this risk had been clearly perceived by many because in the last time, as Mark Zuckerberg, Google and others, have then thought about a new generation of social networks, looking at the quality of friendships rather than to the quantity. Just social networks in miniature or “personal networks”, by theme or even private. Not to be outdone, Mark proposed a sort of “buddy list” that allows to choose with whom share your board, but the risk that something “escapes” from this circuit is always lurking. Google for its part, launched  Google Plus (Google +) where by the “rooms” system you can decide with whom to share your data.
But in the meantime, other different applications arose: Path, Pinterest, Kidfolio, Between, Edmodo, Pair, Love this, just to name the most famous. Small Spaces with functions and tools like Twitter or Facebook, but reserved for specific purposes or for only a select few “intimate”. Many of these are applications for iPhone and Smartphone.
Path, advertises as “Stay connected with family & close friends.”
Pair, another mobile app for social networking service for two people: “The easiest way to stay in touch with the person you love, making it easy to share the little things in life with Each Other.”
Between, a private social network for mobile devices: “An intimate space for two“.
Nextdoor, a private social network for neighborhood.
Love this, another app for private use: “The best way to share with friends Recommendations.”
Kidfolio, for mobile devices, a private network and digital scrapbook for parents.
Pinterest, instead is a thematic social network dedicated to sharing pictures and videos.
Edmodo, an online platform for students and teachers: “A safe and easy way for class to connect and collaborate, share content, and access homework, grades and school notices.”

By now, phone or computer, cannot do without these applications, because the “socializing” is a feature of the human being, even if for this, then there are those who enriches at our expense.

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