School’s Out

Published June 1, 2012 by Tony


In Italy schools are next to the end  for some, while it’s over for others.
While on a side this fact consoles me, for other reasons leads me to feel sad…. why?
Having been a student myself, I can only share their joy for the end of the school. Well-deserved or not, for them now begin a long period of rest and holidays. In addition, I’m happy because in the early morning at least, in the streets will be less traffic, running out that mass  of cars and small school-bus that take kids to school every morning. This means: empty coaches, travel better, and get to work on time.
But to be honest I am a bit gloomy too, without those young people hanging around, that early in the morning already are in the street: waiting at the bus stops or forming little groups here and there, sometimes smiling and noisy. It was a pleasure to look at them walking with backpacks that weighed them, neat and well-dressed to face a new day, and a satisfaction to find “life” and “movement” around, as to say then “they are not only parents and elders to be active at this hour”. Trouble shared is trouble halved, right?

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