Published June 6, 2012 by Tony


Perhaps it will be a chance or a personal impression of mine only, but since president Obama expressed its support towards gay marriage, every day among various news, we always find a few concerning the gay world. As just one example, in last days on Yahoo!News I found the following articles:
Bristol Palin Has A Bone To Pick With Obama Over Gay Marriage.
Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka talk about fatherhood .
Marriage Act is unconstitutional, federal appeals court rules.
Obama touts support for gay rights in Jane Lynch-narrated video.
ACLU lawsuit challenges Ill. gay marriage ban.
Where toddler’s anti-gay song was filmed: We don’t condone hate.
Eagle Scout Challenges Boy Scouts’ Anti-Gay Policy With Petition.

Quite unusual if we consider that in the past a gay-news appeared only when it was a very important information. Needless to say that media and journalists are like weather vanes, following the wind of the moment to get audience. Anyway, theirs is a very strong “power” (the fourth estate?) because of the choice of news to publish and the way how to propose them, which condition strongly the public opinion. As the same it is needless to point out the mass of people who have no personal and precise opinion and therefore easily biased by what they read.
Take a trivial and silly news, publish it on the front page of many newspapers and for a couple of days, and “this news” will become important and famous. If this is not “power”, then tell me what’s not! With regard to gay, right now they have to hope that the news published by homophobic and intolerant journalists are fewest than others in their favor, otherwise even ten Obama will do nothing compared to them.

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