Published June 8, 2012 by Tony


A child of today, or a newborn, will handle electronic equipment very different from those which we used until a few years ago. There are noises and sounds linked to the world of technology and electronics equipment that have lived with us and once so familiar, while some sounds will remain in our minds forever. How can my generation forget, for example, the sound of the wire rotary telephone while dialing the number, or the old dial-up modem’s buzz?
These sounds, which were part of our life, will be completely stranger to today and tomorrow’s children. Over the years, technology has created more sophisticated equipment but much less noisy, by interface totally silent and digital, where it just need a “touch” of the fingers to operate. Thus, even the strong “switch”, which had to be pushed hard to work, is already a thing of the past, by now.
Although we are not referring to prehistoric times, many people collect these obsolete equipment while others gather endangered sounds. It would be
nice if a father or grandfather will show to new generations of children these devices or let them listen to some sounds that have made history.
I now propose you a few there, but in internet you can find many more if the case.

Dot Matrix Printout
Dial-up Modem Handshake
Rotary Dial Telephone
Floppy Disk Drive Whir
Blank cathode ray Tube TV
Typewriter keys Sound

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