People with the most children

Published June 15, 2012 by Tony


Lately I read a news about an American man who has fathered 30 children (till now!) and was asking the courts for a break on child support.
Please, someone tell him that there is the condom, a contraceptive gadget since early 1900!
Gee whiz, in courts shoes I would ask for a chastity belt or his sterilization!
He now complains that isn’t able to live with the salary, despite some sons are getting from him few dollars a month only,  but I wonder what he was thinking about when was discharging his semen around.
Everyone likes to have sex and with different partners even, easy! –  but the difference between a child and a man lies in the awareness of what you’re doing, what to expect and what it means to have children. After he already had fathered six, eight or ten children, what does his maturity and sense of responsibility have advised him then?
Nothing evidently!  10, 20 or 30 children are the same
for him. Unless he wants to reach Ziona Chana or Ramon Revilla record, also if his name already is in the “List of people with the most children” in the world now.

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