Published June 16, 2012 by Tony


After the last year’s news about the textile obtained from the milk, now it’s the time of the fabric made by wine.
Who can forget the echo had from Qmilch, the fiber created by a German researcher and obtained by the synthesis of milk in a protein powder, then boiled and pressed into molds. Once interwoven, to obtain a hypoallergenic textile, it seems silk and can be washed and dried off as cotton.
Some researchers at Australian Western University, instead, recently have used the bacteria, the same responsible for the transformation of the wine in vinegar, just the one concerning the fermentation, to create a cellulose fiber similar to cotton, which seems a fabric. The cloth that comes out is special and has something primordial, like a second skin, with veins that look like red blood vessels. Besides, it does not need to seams and is biodegradable.
The idea came to scientist Gary Cass when he noticed on the surface of the wine, present in a tub, a veil semi chewy, due to the action of Acetobacter. Working on this, he has managed to get a type of cloth adherent and almost transparent, which retains the color and the smell of wine from which it is derived. Apparently, when the fabric is wet brings the wearer to feel as doing a mud, but once dried it adheres perfectly to the skin. Since the fabric is made of living microbes, not pathogens and not dangerous for us, the creators have called this fiber “Micro’be“. The team also was successful using the white wine and beer to create this material, but its inflexibility and the smell may be a problem: it seems that the fumes emanated are so intense, to bring to a state of intoxication similar to drunkenness. Therefore, there still is to work on, as to exploit alcoholic beverages’ waste, to obtain a very particular textile,
for example.


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