Published August 10, 2012 by Tony


Italy and Naples in particular is known worldwide as the country of the pizza and of course we like pizza that try to eat as often as we can. Then, during summer holidays the chances to go at restaurant and eat a pizza increase, as it as usually happens to me too. Of course, any region and city has its own way to prepare the pizzas, also if, aside from the filling ingredients, the preparation of the dough is the main thing making the difference. For instance,  I like a lot the kind of dough used to prepare the pizza in the place where I usually spend my summer holidays. It’s a softer dough that looks more white, and as thin as pizzeria make the dough then brings the pizza to become lighter and crispy. I don’t know exactly how they prepare such a dough but someone told me that for it they use a white 000 flour that just imparts that colour and that stiffness to the pizza. Just a kind of pizza to taste.
The following images are some of the pizza we ate there.

 A traditional “Margherita” pizza with tomato and mozzarella.
 With aubergine.
 With ham steak and mushrooms.
 With aubergine.
 With seafoods.
 With sausage and mushrooms.
 With vegetables.
 Another Margherita.
 With cherry tomato, rocket and parmisan flakes.
 Some slices with würstel and French fries.

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