Clooney & Stacy Keibler

Published August 27, 2012 by Tony

Will Clooney sell the villa in Como?

Stop with paparazzi, please”.
The anguished cry comes from the shores of Lake Como and from Villa Oleandra, George Clooney’s home. To yell and bash on is Stacy Keibler, the last girlfriend of the most eligible bachelor in the world. The Junoesque and tall blonde is tired of Italian photographers intrusiveness. 
“They are too suffocating, stressful and boring.  Simply they have to stop
”,  Stacy says.
How to get around this? Simple. Escape from Lake Como or sell the villa.
It’s said that pressed by the girlfriend, George even hired two private investigators to photograph the photographers. The purpose? Demonstrate their intrusion in the privacy of others. After the complaints George hopes that the calm can return sovereign in the villa. On the contrary, the local paparazzi reject the accusations, while Pierpaolo Ferreri (a photographer that for almost 10 years hanged out the villa),
None of us has received a legal notice and none of us has broken the law. Clooney is a public figure and a son of a journalist, we just stay out of the house trying to take some shoot when he comes out. We only are doing our work. Clooney has a good relationship with photographers, and he sometimes even made fun of us: a fortnight ago he has launched a balloon full of water that hit me in full. When he needs to breathe send his secretary to tell us to get away and we do it. Exasperate him means to go against our interests. Elisabetta Canalis was hiding, Stacy Keibler behave as an ordinary person, go around without an escort, smiles at us. Once she even asked me to take her to her car because didn’t remember where had parked it, and she did not seem so irritated“.
Where is the truth?

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