Published August 29, 2012 by Tony


Life, our life on this earth can be long or short, happy and wonderful for someone or sad and miserable for others. Whatever happens, for better or for worse, the question in everyone’s mind, all along from the dawn of civilization, is the meaning of life, or what meaning we must or can give to our existence.
Those who have a strong religious belief don’t go beyond, because for them exist for sure something else after the death, also if nobody knows where or what it is, with no certainty. But this hope comforts them without the need for additional questions. Lucky them!
I guess that most of us, mere mortals, have some doubt and sometimes  of existential nature even.
Without sounding pessimistic or nihilistic, someone simply does some logical evaluation.
Referring to a normal person that  – is born, is brought up by parents, marries, has children, gets old and dies –  one wonders why?
What sense gets this endless and similar sequence of things we stubbornly perpetrate without knowing the exact reason?
At least today, we cannot say that it is for populating the earth, because on this planet we are too many and the situation will worsen in the future.
For transmit our genes and ensure the continuation of the species? To love and be loved?
Vain! Towards these justifications someone would answer again with the same question, why, if we all have to die? Any human thing is futile. What’s the point?
On the contrary, if we look at the situation with a cool head, it sounds so masochist even.
Are you asking why?
Because our existence is often filled more with bad and sad events than joys, because beyond the carefree youth (if it is) we spend most of the life to survive, to work hard for our family, to raise and educate children, the same thing that our parents made and our ancestors still before. Our descendants have had a life full of sacrifices to raise our forefathers who, peace to their souls, are now ashes, so for our grandparents and for ourselves today. We are doing this from centuries without ever having understood the usefulness or the sense. If we then add all the other disastrous events that have always beset humans (wars, famine, diseases, poverty, natural disasters, etc.), we can really say, “Yes, the word masochism is just not out of place in this context”.
Anyway, in my opinion the matter is another.
We are not ourselves who can choose to be born, or how and when. And so life becomes as a “natural calamity” in which there is no escape.
Then it is up to each of you todecide if the own existence has been a fortunate event or, conversely, an adversity, aso if willy-nilly we must go on, hoping in the unknown ….. cold consolation, I know. Great-unknown which, as mentioned, becomes faith, and with the feeble faith I have, I would have a question for our Lord who is in the kingdom of heaven, the Creator who has planned everything and knows everything (I hope it!), if he had no other alternative. A question that I’d really like to ask him.

Each concrete rather than philosophical or theological contribution is welcome.

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