Published September 1, 2012 by Tony



Whatever kind of music we listen to, and regardless of age or nationality of the artist, we usually do not ask ourselves what “school qualification” he/she may have got. It is as if for Art the “degree” becomes an useless and unnecessary title, unlike as it happens for other activities, such as journalist or entrepreneur, and for that we are not interested, evidently. So, when it then happens to learn about them, we remain surprised and amazed. It’s happened to me too to be stunned when I knew  that my favorite drummer, my idol Ian Paice (Deep Purple) is a surgeon or that Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) has a degree as civil engineer. In this case, it is as if that aura of mystery that always surrounds “our idols” disappears at sudden, bringing them back brutally to the ordinary life. Someone has taken the trouble to list the educational qualification of some rockstar and among them I chose the following ones.

• Brian May (Queen)
Honorary Doctorate of Science in astronomy, Hertfordshire  
• Sterling Morrison (The Velvet Underground)
Ph.D. in medieval studies, University of Texas
• Steve Pedersen (Criteria)
J.D., Duke University
• Art Garfunkel (Simon and Garfunkel)
M.A. in mathematics, Columbia University
• Dexter Holland (The Offspring)
M.Sc. in molecular biology, University of Southern California
• James Lilja (The Offspring)
Medical degree in Gynecological Oncology.
• Lou Reed
Degree in English from Syracuse University

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