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Prostitution in Italy

Published September 2, 2012 by Tony


Since 1958, prostitution in Italy is regulated by “Merlin Law”, a law which has been inadequate and unsuccessful. This new law abolished the whorehouses and any prior norm which regulated the prostitution, but introduced a series of rules aimed at countering the exploitation of prostitution. The lack of regulation immediately led to an increase in illegal prostitution managed by the underworld. Since nineties, prostitution linked with foreign immigration also developed, with intertwining between Italian and foreign mafia. According to two studies conducted by the Social Affairs Committee of the House and the Department of Equal Opportunities, in Italy is estimated a presence from 50 to 70 thousand prostitutes, with more than 9 million customers, and with a turnover of 19 to 25 billion euros. Fortunately some people and mayors have thought or are considering the issue. It’s the case of Don Gallo who, back in 1999, declared that prostitution is a “phenomenon to manage recognizing it as a profession”; proposal taken up by the Mayor of Ravenna Fabrizio Matteucci years later, intending to identify areas not inhabited to create some “closed houses”. In 2000, the then Minister of Social Solidarity, Livia Turco proposed an amendment to the Merlin Law, a reform bill that could allow the practice of prostitution in the homes directly managed by women, and in 2010 the radical Senator Donatella Poretti introduced an amendment to the spending bill, calling for legal recognition of prostitution to tax this activity, so the State would have earned millions of euros per year. But no, to restore the finances, our politicians cannot think of anything else that withdraw money from worker and pensioner’s pockets, through new taxes.
That anger!
Today De Magistris, the mayor of Naples, is again talking about this issue and would like to create a “red light” neighborhood in a suburban area. As always, the Church and Catholic organizations soon have criticized this proposal, prattling of segregation and slavery, as if the current situation in Italy is acceptable to them with no need to take bold measures.
What the fuck coast to try?
Brothels or small areas dedicated to the prostitution, the oldest profession in the world, are located in countries much more organized and advanced than ours, like Canada, Germany and Netherlands. Therefore, where is the problem?