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Published September 5, 2012 by Tony



Going to the bathroom for astronauts has a meaning completely different from ours.
In a zero gravity environment, any flatulence, which contains flammable gases such as hydrogen and firedamp, could be dangerous in addition to pollute around.
Of course, in the absence of air, you can’t hope for a breath of fresh air that carries them away, while the feces must be released in an airtight container.
Until a few years ago, the system adopted was based on the similar one we know and usually use, but with an air pump that pretty much sucked at everything, once excreted. Then, in 2005, Li Tanqiu a Chinese aerospace expert, thought that astronauts can be deprived of their feces and intestinal gas in a different easy way. So on the spaceship Shenzhou-6, launched October 15, 2005, Chinese scientists installed a new water-closet very simple and effective.
The toilet was equipped with a very soft plastic hose with a pumping device that practically, introduced inside the anus, sucked inexorably feces and gas in a fixed container. In this way, they avoided the uncontrolled emission of gases and isolated everything in a container. Astronaut Yang Liwei was the guinea-pig of the mission lasting one day.
Of course, this system should be fine for anyone, for those who are constipated or diarrheal even, also eliminating the cleaning problems, while for those who are lazy it also avoids the commitment to push and “wring out” themselves! WOW!

It makes us think that it’s really a shame that this invention is not part of our usual bathrooms, avoiding toilet paper and finally put up with the unpleasant smell that inevitably follows. Isn’t it?