The miracle of San Gennaro

Published September 20, 2012 by Tony

In Naples, the miracle of San Gennaro is renewed

Also this year San Gennaro has performed again the miracle. On the day that Naples celebrates its patron, Cardinal Sepe has announced the successful liquefaction of the blood of the saint, a sign of good luck for the city and citizens. According to the popular custom, in fact, delay or failure to liquefaction announces misfortune and bad luck. This time the blood even was already melted when the small ampulla  has been drawn out from the urn, and has been greeted by a long applause from the hundreds of people gathered in the cathedral of Naples, among them the governor of Campania, Stefano Caldoro, President of the Province of Naples, Luigi Cesaro and the mayor, Luigi de Magistris. The event is repeated three times a year, on the Saturday before the first Sunday of May, 16 December and, then, on September 19, the day dedicated to San Gennaro. The presumed “miracle” of San Gennaro has been discussed a lot, also with witty scientific arguments designed to explain the dynamics of chemistry and physics that form the basis of the phenomenon of liquefaction. The fact is that every time the event attracts the attention of the whole world on one aspect and a positive characteristic of Naples, and perhaps the real “miracle” is just that.


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