Published September 24, 2012 by Tony


About food, I want to show you the sandwich I ate today. I suppose you Americans, who may never get over your obsession with amazing hamburgers and fully stuffed, could turn up your noses in front of a so simple recipe. Often, especially for artisanal sandwiches worth to choose few ingredients to taste the full flavor of the selected ones. In any case, I challenge you to try this new one, in view of the fact that it is easy to prepare and with ingredients we usually already have at home, also if we Italians usually use the loaf to make sandwiches.


1 canned tuna (better if in olive oil, nearly 2 oz per can).

2 or 3 mature cherry tomatoes.

Wash the tomatoes and open the sandwich then pouring the tuna with a bit of its oil, add the tomatoes mashing or cutting them on the tuna. Close the sandwich and eat……….. yummy!

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