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Published September 25, 2012 by Tony

Ricotta & Ham Sandwich


This can be another homemade sandwich, tasty and easy to prepare also if the
ricotta” isn’t a fresh cheese that everyone usually has in the fridge. However, its purchase, although cheap, will pay you off of the expense. Often we also eat “mozzarella” and ham sandwiches. Usually, in the preparation of a sandwich, we consider the ingredients to be used, taking care to match a “wet/creamy” one whereas any condiment is lacking (sauce, oil, etc.)


2 thin slices of ham (you can use any type of ham but I advise you “Parma ham” or any raw one).



Fresh Ricotta (the necessary amount to spread one side of the sandwich).



Apply plenty of the cheese on the sandwich (avoid to pour the milk), put over the ham and…. bite!