Published September 27, 2012 by Tony


In Anglo-Saxon countries and in other parts of the world catches on the idea of returning to the single-gender classes at school.
In Italy there are not “same-sex classes” in public schools, though when I was a child here existed such a rule. I attended public school and till middle school the classes were separated by gender. Therefore, too young and unprepared to judge on that time, while I guess I can give my contribution now.
Today the debate about is heated, with those who are in favour and those who railed against. Of course, as every choice has its pros and cons, also this one will have its, just as there also are pro and cons for the actual education system based on mixed classes. Many things have changed compared to the past and in the light of new knowledge in education, it’s worth a try, if this can improve the academic performance of each student.
We should never exaggerate in judicial decisions.
The fact that students are in separate classes doesn’t mean that they will NOT stay together in the cafeteria or in the library, for example.  Passing some hours in school together with women or with men won’t bring a boy to become a “true” man or a girl a “true” woman, later in time. I do mean, boys or  girls will not have psychological problems if having school in separated classes. Often, the presence of both sexes in the classroom, especially for young people, leads to more distractions and as has been shown, boys and girls have different needs.
The current school system, in many parts of the world, has some flaws, and many data clearly demonstrate it. In Italy, where the level of preparation of students has declined in recent decades, as well as in America, where the teachers’ strike in Chicago, a few days ago, is an expression itself. I read that in Chicago only 20% of students achieve a passing grade, only 4% is able to obtain a high school diploma, and only 6% a degree within the 26th year of age. And Chicago is not a unique or rare case.
Certainly the educational crisis is due to several factors and many other things have to change, but when we are asked to make one change that can be positive, why must we give up?
Unnecessary and excessive the use of big words like “sexism”, “discrimination”, “lack of opportunity”, “ineffectiveness”, “segregation” or “moral inferiority of women.”
I do not think that a short trial period can bring some kind of damage, and if wrong, school can return to mixed classes again….  is this so absurd or indecent?!

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