Published September 29, 2012 by Tony


How much does a pizza, a cinema ticket or a bouquet cost in Naples?
For those who are going to visit my city or just out of curiosity, it may be interesting to know or comparing prices with those of the place where you are living.
The prices are not the same in every town in Italy, although it is said that in Naples everything costs a little less than other northern cities. There propose someone also if as a rough guide that do not relate to the prices of famous tourist resorts or luxury places, but just ordinary prices…… Note that some prices change depending on where the item is bought. For example, a beer will cost more if consumed in a pizzeria than in a supermarket, of course. If you are interested in the price of a particular item, let me know.

1 BEER (if took in pizzeria) 2,6
1 CINEMA (3D FILM)     14
1 BUS URBAN TICKET (usable for 60 min.) 1,4
1 COFFEE 1,04
1 TOURIST LUNCH (complete) 14 – 23 (1)
1 GOOD LUNCH (complete with menu) 38
1 TASTY SANDWICH (bought in a delicatessen) 6
500 g VONGOLE  (17,6 oz.) 5
1 BRANDY (in a cafeteria) 5,2
1 MAGNET SOUVENIR (for fridge) 1,3
1 CIGARETTES PACKETS (Italian ones) 5,9
1 POSTAGE (for a normal letter for Italy) 0,77
1 CONCERT TICKET (Italian famous pop star) 39 – 52 (3)
1 BABA (in a cake-shop) 1,9
TAXI (from airport to the center, weekday) 26 (21 $ per 10 km approx.)
1 CAR RENTAL (for 3 days, unlimited miles) 128
1 TICKET for the National Archaeol. Museum of Naples 11,5
1 ICE CREAM CONE (homemade ice cream parlor) 2,5
1 FOOTBALL TICKET for Napoli’s team match 45 – 193 (2)
HOTEL 3 stars (1 night Double-bed in the center) 77 – 154
1 kg MOZZARELLA (buffalo’s milk) (2,2 lb) 15,4
1 Kg MOZZARELLA (cow’s milk) 10
1 kg PARMA HARM 38,6
FALANGHINA DOC Neapolitan wine 0,2 gal 5 – 12 (4)
 500 g SPAGHETTI (good quality)   1

(1) – depending on the type of food, fish dish costs more.
(2) – depending on the stands… till VIP stands.
(3) – depending on the stands and singer/band.
(4) – depending on the brand-name and quality.

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