Published October 1, 2012 by Tony


I have already published a couple of posts about coffee, but for coffee lovers made in  “Neapolitan style”,  I come to say some important tricks now, almost diamonds!
During our hard life there are things we can’t do without, such as sleeping or sex, for example. But for us Neapolitans, there is one thing that we need every day and several times a day even, we can not do without:  THE  COFFEE.
There are many that start and end the day with a coffee, those who take it at the bar or prepare at home by a moka (the classic coffee maker that all Italians use); those who do not care about quality and others, instead, that are real coffee lovers. And it is from these that arrive the following five tricks, referring to those who prepare coffee at home.

Follow them and you’ll see….

1 – Use mineral water (effervescent natural, no carbonated) rather than  fountain water.



2 – Do not press the coffee in the strainer (basket) but form a small mountain that will be crushed itself when you screw the top of the coffee maker.


3 – Take the first finger of coffee that comes out (the most dense and strong) and stir it vigorously apart with a teaspoon of sugar in a glass. Then add it to the other coffee, before serving… it will form a sort of a tasty “yellow cream” also beautiful to look at.

 4 – Coffee should be drunk very hot and even the cups should be very warm before pouring the coffee inside.  

5 – Keep the coffee blend to be used in a glass or aluminum jar, tightly closed and in the fridge, it will keep its flavor longer.

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