Published October 17, 2012 by Tony


After the apprehension for the Hantavirus, the viral infection of animal origin broke out in Yosemite Park in California, of which there is no vaccine and that can lead to death, another alarm now comes from England.
The alarm was set up following the death of a man and the hospitalization of another coming back from Qatar. At first it was thought that the infection was due to SARS, as the symptoms of the disease left suppose, instead scientists have then identified a new virus that already had caused some deaths in Congo in the past, whose infection is transmitted by ticks found on domestic and wild African and Asian animals. What frightens most virologists is that the symptoms of this new virus, unlike SARS, may not become visible before the spread of infection, and this could lead to a severe pandemic which there is no cure or vaccine.
For those who think that an Asian virus could hardly reach their distant country, change your mind please…. with the goods that travel everyday and reaches all the ports of the world, or people who move around the globe, the transmission of a virus is very easy nowadays. Oh, poor us!


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