Published December 2, 2012 by Tony


From December 5 to 9 I will be on a trip to visit some countries in Germany, on the occasion of the upcoming holiday season. Aside from camera and camcorder, I decided to bring my laptop, in order to make the history of this journey. It’s the first time that I visit Germany, but I wanted it from long, even if it is a coach trip organized, where nothing is left to chance,  counted minutes and places to visit already established.
Follow the next post if you’d like to know more.

This is the program of the trip:

1st Day – Departure from Naples at 6.00 am. Stop for free breakfast and lunch en route, arriving in the late evening at ‘Hotel Sailer’ in Innsbruck, dinner.
2nd Day – Breakfast, departure to Fussen and guided tour of the castle of Neuschwanstein, fairytale castle, the symbol of Bavaria. Free lunch. In the late afternoon departure for Augsburg to visit the local Christmas markets. Return to Hotel for dinner.
3rd Day – Breakfast and departure for Nuremberg, with full day sightseeing. Free lunch, return to hotel in the night for dinner.
4th Day – Breakfast, visit to the city of Munich, with free lunch. In the evening visit to the famous Christkindimarkt, Marienplatz and then dinner in a typical local Bavarian “Hotbraeuhaus.” Return to the hotel.
5th Day – Breakfast and departure with a stop for lunch in Florence. Arrival in the night in Naples.


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