Published January 21, 2013 by Tony


Many years ago, when tattoos were not yet a fashion, only those who had been in prison or belonged to a clan, made ​​use of tattoos. At the beginning, for the affiliates to the underworld, the tattoo was a sign of recognition or even a message. Each symbol had its own meaning that only the member of Camorra were able to interpret. But today these symbols still are common among clans. Here is a small list:

tigerThe Tiger: A symbol of strength, distinguished the young emerging bosses.



acab The Acronym ACAB: All Cops Are Bastards ù.


revolverA revolver, a sign of recognition for the member of the Camorra in eastern districts of Naples. Typically drawn on the right side of the body.


munacielloThe goblin (Munaciello): symbol bearer of good fortune or misfortune, it is not yet known the true meaning that the wearer wants to convey.




mastiffThe mastiff dog: a symbol of recognition of the members of the clan in the suburb of Naples.



scorpioThe scorpion: used by some as a sign of devotions to their boss.

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