Vulcano Buono

Published January 27, 2013 by Tony

The Good Volcano

The “Vulcano Buono” (The Good Volcano) is a big shopping mall and leisure center located in Nola, near Naples. It was designed by renowned Italian architect Renzo Piano and inaugurated on December 7, 2007.
Nola is a town located in the plains to the north-east of Vesuvius, to the limits of the province of Naples, near the province of Avellino.
This multi-purpose center, has within it a huge square-crater and various services (restaurant, cinema, post office, hotel, etc..)
A  city in miniature that wants that “people come together” through events, exhibitions and shows. The
intent was not to get a mere shopping mall where we go shopping, but something more, mimicking the function of a small town. The property comes to life by a set of solid circles, each of which has a different slope, which merge to form a truncated oval cone-plan, open in the middle, which follows the appearance of Vesuvius. The upper edge of the artificial hill has a height ranging from 25 to 41 meters, with a total diameter of 320 meters. It features a central square of 160 meters in diameter in the open air, divided into three concentric zones, the innermost with a stage dedicated to the show, the middle to trade and the most external, that crowns the building that overlooks a private green and planted with pine trees. The project started in 1995, work began in 2002 and  completed in 2007, at a total cost of € 180 million, partly covered by regional funding for reconstruction and development. The entire estate covers an area of approximately 450,000 m², the covered area is 150,000 m², and a  parking for 7000 cars.

The complex is a large multi-purpose center consists of a hotel, an Auchan hypermarket, a multiplex cinema and a gallery, double-height from 155 stores and several restaurants and bars. At the centre is a large circular square, reminiscent of the Naples Piazza del Plebiscito and is used for concerts and events. The interior, double high, is divided into areas identified by different colors. Any hall is a large square dedicated to a famous Neapolitan place where the corresponding squares are connected by paths dedicated to famous Neapolitan actors such as Antonio de Curtis, Massimo Troisi, Tina Pica and Pupella Maggio. The first floor is connected to ground via stairs furniture and lifts, while the attics are connected by steel bridges.
Thanks to Interporto, CIS (Center wholesale Development) and motorway and train connections, this shopping center is a real integrated system development. To date, the district Cis-Interporto-Vulcano is a model of a business combination in advanced services representing more than 1,000 companies, 40,000 employees and recorded 30,000 visitors per day. (The CIS of Nola is the
largest hub for wholesale in Europe, with 300 companies and 90 sectors for commercial distribution.)

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