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All the ancient tribes still existing on earth are at risk of extinction, most in Africa, America, Asia and Australia.
They are just a few of the more than 100 uncontacted tribes known to exist worldwide, and in spite of this they however are facing extinction, because governments, companies and others ignore their rights, and invade and destroy their land with impunity, while this already happened in the past to others known tribes. By far, another important reason is their lack of immunity to common Western diseases such as influenza, chicken pox, measles, and a host of respiratory diseases.
These tribes around the world choose to reject contact with outsiders. They are the most vulnerable peoples on the planet, as many of them are living on the run, fleeing invasions of their land by colonists, loggers, oil crews and cattle ranchers. They have often seen their friends and families die at the hands of outsiders, in unreported massacres or epidemics.
It’s my intent to say something about these tribes and starting from Africa, before arriving in Australia. My wish is to sensitize we all on this serious problem, there is little else to say and mine will simply be a photograph journey to show the pride of these people.
We are them, they are us. Where we see a native with a shirt on, it means that we, civilized people, have already contaminated and influenced in some way their culture. The missionaries, cross in hand, have already done a lot of damage in trying to convert tribal people. Anyone who approaches them should do it, if necessary, with the utmost humility, as mere external observers, integrating and respecting their way of being and living. These populations should not be influenced by our cultures and religions or, worse, destroyed:  it would be like denying and destroying our past, our history. They represent the nature and can’t do without it…as long as they will live, we also will exist.

Africa: seven local tribes are on the verge of extinction.

Bushmen – Botswana
Masai – Kenya
Mbororo – West Africa
Surma (Mursi, Bodi, Konso, Me’en) – Ethiopia
Nuba – Sudan
Ogiek – Kenya
Pygmies – Central Africa







Mursi, Bodi, Konso, Me’en









One comment on “OLD TRIBES AT RISK

  • What you say is so true. They should be allowed to live their own lifes for as long as they want to. We should be respecting their ways and not try to make them like us. ‘ Nakedness is Freedom’

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