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Milan Fashion Week 2013

Published February 27, 2013 by Tony

At the “Milan Fashion Week Spring” 2013, on the catwalk, female and male models, by famous fashion brand’s griffe, have amazed everyone, and comes out a rather effeminate look for men and a pleasantly sensual one for women.

Salvatore Ferragamo   Versace

Versace   Versace

Emporio Armani Blumarine

Gucci   Gucci

John Richmond   versace

Even accessories have not gone unnoticed, as the bags that you see in these pictures:

Aigner  Aigner

Dolce & Gabbana  Gabriele Colangelo



Published February 27, 2013 by Tony


In addition to the recent results of voting and talk about governance, one of the maneuver, important and necessary, which the Italian government must do immediately is the new electoral law.
Before we talk about new elections, Italians  and politicians must realize that the cost of an election’s turn weighs a lot on the State balance sheets.
Just to do the math, consider that throughout Italy were set up 61,597 polling stations (including those prepared in hospitals or houses of detention) and that every seat needs tellers, secretaries and presidents (187 € for the president and 145 for others), apart from the necessary election material (like the ballots).  Beyond the salary for such staff, then we have to add what due to the police deployed for the security of every polling seat. Finally, we must add other expenses that are considered technics and that relate to the organization (such as the removal/installation of billboards, voting booths) or travel concessions towards some voters or to allow the vote to the expatriates.
Some people have done the math and the total would be approximately 389 million euro!
This expenditure is divided between several ministries even if the higher amount is disbursed by the Ministry of the Interior. Money coming from State intakes, and that of course, put even more in red the current balance sheet! Cost that weighs, in the end, on the shoulders of any taxpayer.
Therefore, the thought of having to return to vote is not reassuring for sure!



Published February 27, 2013 by Tony



A news, this, heartening and that hopefully could pave the way for more “openness” by the Catholic Church to the real community’s needs.
Just like last week the German bishops valued the use of the “morning after pill“, to prevent unwanted pregnancies in cases of rape, now the Spanish bishops, in an episcopal conference, also decided to legitimate its use.
Although it has been confirmed that this pill should not be used indiscriminately for an abortive use, this new position of the Church is a first step that can only be welcomed by any faithful, while we all trust in others viewpoints adjustments about other “hot” topics on which the Church is unfortunately still too rigid and anachronistic. Among them, the ban for divorcees to participate in the Eucharist, the firm condemnation towards homosexuality, or the free prelates’ choice to get married.
Although I’m not a true Catholic observant, I do not believe that Jesus, who loved in equal way all the “sheep of his flock,” and that has always supported unconditional love, even forgiving  Magdalene who was a prostitute, could prevent people to be good “Christians” or to participate in the “table of the Lord” because of their sexuality or civil status. Ultimately, the Pope and bishops should consider the fact, scientific inter alia, that sexuality is not a choice or a “disease” that can heal and change to our liking. The same way as other genetic characteristics, also sexuality must definitively be considered as one of the “products” created by our Lord, as it can be Down syndrome or color blindness, and therefore it has nothing to do with the “free will”, according to which a believer can do some choices. In my opinion, these simple considerations should not even necessitate long and troubled debates.


Published February 26, 2013 by Tony

EL PIBE returns in Naples

Yesterday Diego Maradona made his return to Italy to resolve problems with the Italian Revenue, and after landed in Rome with his lawyer, then he made a stop in Naples, the city that is in his heart and that long wanted to see again, after eight years of absence. “I want to meet the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano” he said. A cheering crowd of fans, young and old, has received him on his arrival, while by car he wanted to go to the stadium then passing for the waterfront. The fans and the boys who followed him on motorbikes started singing “Maradona è meglio ‘e Pelè,” the song “O sole mio,” and the historic song dedicated to him, “O mamma mamma mamma….” .
Another crowd of Neapolitans along with journalists and cameramen were waiting for him when at 16.40 has arrived at the Hotel Royal, hotel which has hosted him free of charge in the presidential suite (to prevent further requisition of goods, he came here without values or money).
A piece of Napoli’s football history that gave us so many emotions. “How I missed Neapolitans,” Maradona confided to who is with him as he prepares for a press conference scheduled for tomorrow. In the hotel he met the Neapolitan actor and comedian Alessandro Siani, and then went to dine in the restaurant of his friend Bruscolotti (former captain of Napoli team) with Carmando, his historical masseur). In the evening in his room, El Pibe  followed the match Udinese-Napoli. “I’m happy to be back here,” he said. “I saw the game and Napoli had to win, deserved it.”
Maradona will probably attend to the highly anticipated match Napoli-Juventus, and now it only remains to see whether here in the city something in his honor will be organized.
Diego Armando Maradona has released this statement to “Napoli Magazine“:  “I have never been a tax evader, if you must blame someone, do it with those who have signed the contract on that time, I had nothing to do with that. Thank also to Neapolitans whose affection and love towards me has not changed… Naples has a memory, the memory that maybe someone wants to distort with things that do not exist. I only come to ask justice and let me walk for Italy because I have not killed anyone. There are so many beautiful memories of Naples, we could be here for hours. I couldn’t come, I represented this city and went away crying ….




Published February 26, 2013 by Tony


Voting results are now complete.
With 124,000 votes, the political parties of the center-left, headed by Pier Luigi Bersani, has obtained an absolute majority in the Chamber of Deputies and thus a sort of “governance”, but having only reached a relative majority in the Senate, with 120 seats against 117  of the center-right parties, the alleged governance is at risk. In order to be able to govern with a degree of stability, the potential Prime Minister Bersani will need a senate majority too.
To complicate matters, there is the electoral success of the “M5S, Five Star Movement” led by Beppe Grillo, who won 108 seats in the House and 54 in the Senate. The M5S through a groundswell of antipolitical sentiment, for years criticized the activities of all political parties and considers all politicians not reliable and honest who should be “sent home”. For these reasons, Grillo does not support any political party and not even available to any kind of coalition.
The results show that the Italians do not agree with the policy pursued by Monti who comes out defeated by these elections, while aside from the resurgence of the center-left, Berlusconi and his party have maintained and reaffirmed their political strength.  Finally, the vote of “protest” given by thousands of people through the “Movement 5 stars”, must not been underestimated, as it is assumed that it will make feel its weight in parliament.
See the following tables for the percentages of the main parties divided for House and Senate.