Published February 21, 2013 by Tony

Gasoline Italian Price

Some updated data confirm that it is almost a European record, because the pump price of petrol sold in Italy is one of the highest in Europe, mainly because of the tax burden. Among the 27 countries members of the Union, only in Netherlands the price of gasoline is slightly higher, where it reached an average share of 1.9 euro per liter. Italy is the fourth country in the world for the cost of gasoline.
In Italy the tax burden penalizes more the motorists, where for a liter of gasoline paid 1.850 €, about 1.25 euro are due to Excise duty and VAT.
Compared to other EU countries, the price difference is significant, more than € 0.3 per liter.
This situation, that been going on for years, is quite alarming and penalizes more trade, given that we have 90% of the goods traveling by road.

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