Published February 23, 2013 by Tony


In my previous post (TRIBES IN EXTINTCION n. 1), I wrote:

“All the ancient tribes still existing on earth are at risk of extinction, most in Africa, America, Asia and Australia,”

and I began mentioning some African tribes. Continuing and concluding the gallery of images I will now pass to the other main tribes, most of whom are in South America and New Guinea.



Amondawa_tribes Awa-guaja_tribes suruwaha indians 


Yanomami_tribes  Xngu tribes  West-PapuaWayapi_Rainforest  Warramunga Tribes  wamena tribes  tribe on Vanuatu's Banks Islands  Jarawa tribes    Papua tribes  Nuova Guinea tribes  Papua_new_tribe_Unda  papua tribes  Ongee tribe  kayapo_Brazil  kreen akrore brazil  korubohut tribes    Kalapalo Indians   jarawa tribes  new-guineans-of-bagasi-tribe- 

DANI tribes     Dani tribes of Indonesia's West Papua    dani_guinea     dani-tribes_papua 

australian aboriginal  ECUADOR  huaorani_ECUADORhuaoranis_Ecuador  asurini_xingu

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