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Published February 25, 2013 by Tony


Today I read a news on a local newspaper that struck me for its originality.
It is well-known that Naples is the land of pizza and every tourist, coming from anywhere,  has always praised the  “Made in Naplespizza, stating that it is different from the one eaten in their country. As I have said before, in other countries the difference is not so much in the ingredients (mozzarella, tomatoes, olive oil), which now are also easy to find in any well-stocked supermarket, but mainly in the preparation of the dough, where the type yeast, flour, and even water, affect the quality of the dough. Finally, the type of cooking also has its own importance, where  to be a true “Neapolitan pizza” must be baked in wood-fired ovens and directly on the baking stone.
The article in question says that a well-known restaurant in Pasadena, CA, to cook their pizzas, make use of a traditional wood burning oven bought and imported directly by Naples, thing which gave the opportunity, about the cooking at least, to get a Neapolitan-like pizza. This Californian pizzeria is called “Trattoria Neapolis” and advertises a menu where many dishes have ingredients typically used here in Naples.
Having never eaten at this restaurant, I cannot judge if the pizza is really similar
to our pizza, but consoled by the fact that it is at least cooked the way that has to be.