Published February 27, 2013 by Tony



A news, this, heartening and that hopefully could pave the way for more “openness” by the Catholic Church to the real community’s needs.
Just like last week the German bishops valued the use of the “morning after pill“, to prevent unwanted pregnancies in cases of rape, now the Spanish bishops, in an episcopal conference, also decided to legitimate its use.
Although it has been confirmed that this pill should not be used indiscriminately for an abortive use, this new position of the Church is a first step that can only be welcomed by any faithful, while we all trust in others viewpoints adjustments about other “hot” topics on which the Church is unfortunately still too rigid and anachronistic. Among them, the ban for divorcees to participate in the Eucharist, the firm condemnation towards homosexuality, or the free prelates’ choice to get married.
Although I’m not a true Catholic observant, I do not believe that Jesus, who loved in equal way all the “sheep of his flock,” and that has always supported unconditional love, even forgiving  Magdalene who was a prostitute, could prevent people to be good “Christians” or to participate in the “table of the Lord” because of their sexuality or civil status. Ultimately, the Pope and bishops should consider the fact, scientific inter alia, that sexuality is not a choice or a “disease” that can heal and change to our liking. The same way as other genetic characteristics, also sexuality must definitively be considered as one of the “products” created by our Lord, as it can be Down syndrome or color blindness, and therefore it has nothing to do with the “free will”, according to which a believer can do some choices. In my opinion, these simple considerations should not even necessitate long and troubled debates.

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