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Published March 5, 2013 by Tony


Caravaggio, "Cupid as Victor"

If you’ll be able to be close to me
and we could be different.
If the sun will shine on both,
without our shadows overlapping.
If we’ll be able to be “us” in the middle of the world,
and together with the world, cry, laugh, live.
If every day it will be to discover what we’re,
and the memory of how we were.
If we’ll be able to grant each other,
without knowing who is the first and the last.
If your body will sing with mine because together is joy,
then it will be Love
and wont have been vain to wait much each other.

(Pablo Neruda)



Published March 5, 2013 by Tony

"La Main de Dieu" by Rodin

Literal translation of a beautiful poem by a non-professional Italian author, Ettore Grimani, and that mistakenly on the web has often been saddled to Mahatma Gandhi, because it looks like a prayer. The title typed is the real one, even if someone has entitled it “take a smile”.

Act of Love

Take a smile,
give it those who never had it.
Take a sunbeam,
let it fly where the night reigns.
Discover a source,
wet those who live in mud.
Take a tear, lay it on the face of those who never cry.
Take the courage,
put it in the soul of those who don’t know how to fight.
Discover life,
tell it to those who don’t understand it.
Take the hope,
and live in its light.
Take goodness,
and give it to those who don’t know how to give.
Discover love,
and convey it to the world.