Ron Mueck

Published March 11, 2013 by Tony


"Mask II" Self-portrait
“Mask II” Self-portrait

Ron Mueck (born 1958), an Australian sculptor who works in England, is one of the most important contemporary artists of hyperrealism.
Its huge and incredible sculptures, between the grotesque and the unsettling, have been for a long time on show to the ex-Millennium Dome in London and at Charles Saatchi gallery.
His career started as models and puppets creator for film and television (he worked for the movie “Labyrinth”). His company is established then to London to deal with photorealistic and animated objects to the advertising industry. This activity led him to assert that “the photograph virtually destroys the physical presence of the original object,” and that’s why his interest then turned to sculpture.
In 1996 Mueck devoted himself to the “fine arts” in collaboration with the mother-in-law, Paula Rego, to produce small figures as part of a tableau on display at the Hayward Gallery. The work entitled “Pinocchio“, amazed so much Rego who introduced him to Charles Saatchi, who, immediately impressed, started to commission him some works. In 1997 Mueck created “Dead Dad”, which bears his name in the limelight as a participant in the exhibition “Sensation” at the Royal Academy.

Dead Dad” was nothing but the scaling of his father’s body after his death. This is the only Mueck’s work in which he used his own hair.
Mueck’s works reproduce faithfully every minute detail of the real human body, and playing with scale reproduction transmit disconcerting sensations.

Dead Dad
Boy 1999” five meters high, has characterized the Millennium Dome, then exposed to the Venice Biennale.

'Boy' - ARoS Aarhus Kunst Museum, Århus, Jutland, Denmark (new)

In 2002, the sculpture, “Pregnant Woman” was acquired by the National Gallery in Australia, for $ 800,000 Australians.

Most of his sculpts show naked and dressed people, while some others, such as the woman “In Bed” of 2005, are covered by fabric.
To create his work, Ron Mueck uses resin, fiberglass and silicone. Hair are real (for the uninitiated, human hair can be purchased).

In Bed
In 2002 he held a solo exhibition (titled ‘Big Man’) at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington. Subsequently, other exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney and National Gallery in London.

'Big Man'

The works explore the contradictions between reality and artifice, creating a tension between reality and fantasy. Just a game between ambiguity, illusion and imitation. Veins, wrinkles, hair, complexion, skin, spots, no detail is overlooked in order to obtain a perfect resemblance to the “real life.”

A girl

Each work is the beginning of a story, a world introspective expressing an inner state.
Needless to say, his works, seen up close, produce a unique emotional and psychological impact!

Wild man two women

The artist at work


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