Published March 18, 2013 by Tony


I love young people, and everything related to youth, but cannot stand some thoughtless behaviors that are common to many teenagers.
It is true that at that age they still are immature, rude and instinctive, but to change their “unreasonable” mindset would be sufficient only less lightness and foolishness in the judgment.
Here’s the issues that teenagers often are without regard:
a)     old age;
b)     appearance;
c)     foods
Three issues on which most teenagers are prejudiced and blinkered. 

a)     For them, “old age” is something ugly, disgusting even, and that often leads them to make unpleasant judgments towards aged people. Whether it’s physical or mental decay or rather the unhurried elderly’s behaving, youngsters do not look at us kindly and consider us too pedantic.
b)     Their parameters of evaluation about beauty may sometimes be obscure to us. Speaking about their friends they are too critical, often using words like “ugly”, “unwatchable”, “clumsy”, etc..
These summary judgments are annoying, regardless of whether the subject is really cute or ugly, especially if the opinion comes by someone who, in all sincerity, isn’t then so cute.
Judging on the basis of physical appearance only, even if only in jest, is the worst thing that a person, young or not, can do.
c)     When it comes to food, how many times have you heard the expression “it sucks!” or “how disgusting!” – said by a boy or a girl?
For teenagers there are no half measures, there is no “practical test”, means food is lousy though judged only by its appearance or by one ostracized ingredient.  “Try it!” at least, we say … but often to no avail….. and to think that in the world every day, people are dying of hunger

I have mulled only on these three topics, but the discussion would be much more complex because the base is a lack of “values” that for one reason or another has affected young people today. Needless to say, in the presence of such behavior, parents also should try to make them think in a different way.

As the wise Woody Allen said, it perhaps would be appropriate for everybody to live first the old age and then the youth. In this case, young people could understand and appreciate better the life, while seniors could accept better the old age!
Or, as stated by the famous and terrible Horace’s judgment: “We are worth less than our fathers, and our sons will be worth less than us.”


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