Published March 28, 2013 by Tony


Why won’t Supreme Court express and will seek to distance itself, through some crazing  to avoid  making a decision on gay marriage?
Unluckily, the answer is easy but leaves bewildered.
Well, the Supreme Court will not decide because doesn’t want to “jump the gun”, does not want to take responsibility for making a decision which might regret in the future.
But, how?
In the world, the U.S. have always positioned itself, politically and socially, as a reference point, a model in step with times, and a liberal example to follow and appreciate…. and now?
Other nations have already clearly sided with this topic and we do not understand why so much hesitation and fear, especially on the part of the Supreme Court, which represents America anyway.
For them it is too early! Too soon for what?
What could happen in the future that may bring them to regret their approval on gay marriage?
Gosh! A lot of people do not expect this anachronistic and cowardly behavior from the most important and advanced nation in the world.
This behavior, kinda predictably, does nothing but stokes even more the reputation according which American people are hypocritical.
To wit, I do but do not admit it!
Obviously, in America there are a lot of gays, many of which still covertly, but also many people who like promiscuity or at least a sort of “sexual freedom” – and no one criticizes them for this, indeed! – but nobody has the courage to confess it and worse do not support even any law in favor of gay.
A non-sense somewhat disconcerting.


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