Yvonne Buschbaum

Published April 5, 2013 by Tony

Yvonne buschbaum 

This is Yvonne Buschbaum,  the former Germanpole vaulter.

and who is he?

When in 2002, at age 22, Yvonne was competing with Yelena Isinbayeva for a place on the podium, her career seemed to presage a successful future. Bronze medal at the European Championships in Berlin, Vienna indoor silver ones. A magical time for the German athlete, already gold juniors.

ex yvonne buschbaum  exe yvonne buschbaum

Undoubtedly she is a cute girl, isn’t it? But look at the following picture now:

Balian Buschbaum 

It seems impossible, but this charming guy still is Yvonne Buschbaum!

After her last wonderful performance, 4 meters and 70 cm, and after some injuries she declared: “I want a sex change.”
“I have always lived in the wrong body….. I’m forced to be a woman, but I actually feel a man.”
Hormonal treatment begins, which will not allow her to participate in the Beijing Olympics, and in 2008 she announced that his new first name was “Balian“, like the character played by Orlando Bloom in the movie “Kingdom of Heaven” by Ridley Scott. Now he does not jump over the pole, but is a coach. At the last European Cup in Athletics in May, he was in the German team. In his website Buschbaum admits to being very happy. “I like this new life” he explains.

What can we say, congratulations to Yvonne and best wishes to Balian!


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