Published April 6, 2013 by Tony


At the time of the Beatles, during their concerts, fans were crying and gave vent to their happiness at the sight of the musicians on stage, crowding and despairing even to have the chance to see them up close and touch them.
Scenes of the past?
No, this is still happening, even if today these scenes are not so striking and no longer big news as it once was. If you want to attend in person in such situations, go to a Justin Bieber or One Direction concert, for example. There, you will see hundreds of teenagers screaming and waving at the sight of young artist singing on stage.
But this is not all.
The love for their idol lead some fans to do Justin Bieber in Bologna with Giorgiaeverything, as it happened in Bologna in the only Italian stage of Bieber. Hundreds of girls aged 14 and up went to the concert even if living in other cities, and all hoped to be chosen from Justin to go on stage and seeing dedicate, face to face, a song, how usually the young singer is doing at his concerts.

Giorgia also was at that concert who, although not a Bieber fan, had accompanied her friend who likes Justin. Life sometimes does tricks, and Georgia could not foresee at all that among thousands of screaming fans, from the stage Justin would choose her to be the “less lonely girl” of the evening. Under her friend’s astonished eyes, she was made accommodate on the stage, where Justin took her by the hand and made sit down, then dedicating her a song. Justin was there a few inches from her, singing with affection a song and looking into her eyes.
I can not imagine how much envy all the girls, that were there, have felt at that time. Not everyone has such a luck, and chance would that, the one to be kissed by fortune was not even a follower, like the hundreds who were there dreaming of being close to Justin, to touch and kiss him…. willing to do anything for him.
Envy has no limits and in the following days Georgia was bombarded with insults on Facebook and Twitter, so as to force her to close the accounts. This probably would have happened the same, even if she had really been a big Bieber fan, because her luck had been so much, too much to the point of inciting envy and jealousy.

One Direction

In fact, a similar fate had already happened to a seventeen year old from Bologna, fuckingly lucky to have won a free ticket for the concert of One Direction in New York, and especially to have had the opportunity to meet Harry Styles, as well as see his image immortalized in wax at Madame Tussaud’s.
Being close to your idol, is priceless!
Is not this enough?
Sounds strange if not impossible that five Norwegian schools have brought forward the exams date because of the concert that Bieber should hold 16, 17 and 18 April in the Telenor Arena in Oslo.
Well, five schools in Aalesund have decided to change the dates of the exams, planned on 16 and 17, to prevent students, engaged in the test, from “playing hookie” because of this concert.
But fans mania is all this and more, and in Norway the decision to postpone the exams has even received the consent of the official Norwegian Minister of Education.

For pity’s sake, let me kiss Bieber or touch Harry Styles!

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