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LTZ in Naples

Published April 11, 2013 by Tony


The ZTL (limited traffic zone) has disturbed the slumbers of merchants in many cities and especially in Naples, due to the closure of some streets to traffic that the local shopkeepers pointed out as cause of poor sales and have long urged a review.
Here, ZTL is not merely a “Pedestrian Zone” but areas where only residents and people with special passes can cross by car.
A lockout like yesterday in Naples has not been seen since 1980, when traders took to the streets en masse against the racket. Thirty-three years later, the shops of Naples closed again and this time for protesting against Ztl, approved and defended by the Mayor Luigi de Magistris. In addition to shopkeepers and retailers, to the protests have joined other workers who feel damaged by Ztl, like taxi drivers, displaced persons of the Riviera di Chiaia, temporary employees, and Mergellina’s fishermen.
A demonstration to say no to the measure for the closure of a important artery like the “Riviera di Chiaia” that for many has become unsustainable because there the traffic is banned at any hour (Closed to Traffic Zone).
Tension rose when the various processions gathered before the Municipality building, but as often happens in such circumstances, at the workers’ remonstrance other people like criminals, extremists and who knows who else has then snuck, turning a peaceful protest in a sort of guerrilla.