Margaret Thatcher

Published April 13, 2013 by Tony

Margaret Thatcher Valediction

As always it happens, after the death of celebrities, then many speak well and even turn them into saints and heroes.
Death does not like anyone and sorry to everyone, including myself, that someone leaves us, but about the recent death of Margaret Thatcher “The Iron Lady“, I do not share some posthumous opinions that so many national and international politicians are saddling her with, making she rise to the role of the great stateswoman.
For me, considering her work, however, can be considered a symbol of capitalism, which has not hesitated to attack the British workers to assert the interests of capital through exploitation and desertification of entire production sectors. She was responsible for the destruction of the Trade Union and unfortunately other politicians in other countries tried to follow her examples, as well as in Italy and the tragic result is today under the eyes of everyone.

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