Chinese monstrosity

Published April 23, 2013 by Tony


A shopkeeper in Beijing has had the gruesome and disturbing idea of producing a series of keychain containing small “living” animals.  Small plastic bags, attached to a key ring, in which are sealed fish, turtles and salamanders.
According to the shopkeeper, each bag is filled with oxygen and liquid nutrient which should provide about two months of life to the (unfortunate) guest.
This keychain, which costs about 1 $, is not considered illegal in China where many have already been sold.
According to the co-founder of the International center for veterinary services Mary Peng, both the goldfish that turtles can’t survive too long in the sealed plastic bag due to lack of oxygen, no matter how rich in nutrients the water is.
A barbarism that has no explanation and I just hope this item does not come outside the Chinese borders!



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