Published May 12, 2013 by Tony


Italy is the country of emergencies!
Living a situation of perpetual emergency, including media with a monothematic information, this has created irreparable damage to our democracy.
From long, we are not having a stable government, political parties that fight each other like gladiators in the arena just to gain power, laws and decrees designed to favor castes, politicians easily corruptible and fixers and crime present wherever there is movement of capital or a business, while the real needs of the country are constantly disregarded and postponed.
In the face of significant economic, structural and political issues, it is normal that some civil rights and social issues pass in second order, if not even appearing useless. As like as thinking about this country such a great and inimitable place on the planet that, because of its history, that focuses the major artistic and natural beauty of the world, and that
even could revive the economic fortunes of the country.
A unique and small country geographically, administratively divided into regions, but that appears to be politically and socially as a huddle of small separated lands, where everyone competes and speaks ill of the other. For this reason, there is no national unity, a forward-looking view of understandings or a national patriotic love.


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