Is it real love?

Published June 16, 2013 by Tony

How to tell if a new relationship will last

Summer, time for vacation, for encounters and…. flirts.
Whether he is to take the first step or she to wink, the question that often arises is: will it be an enduring love story?
Hard to say but some tips can come in handy.

Beyond physical attraction that led you to take the first step, I think it goes without saying that thru the second step you gotta check whether there are common interests, something that many underestimate.
Having more than one interest in common leads you to spend free time together, both of you intent to make or attend in the same event, and have some interesting topics of discussion.

Lifestyle of each of you is another important parameter to be evaluated. It is true that “love” can overcome many obstacles, but in the long run it stress you out and can lead to a break.

While dating or at the beginning of your living together, observe well your partner’s behavior and words.
“We” is an important word in a relationship, perhaps even more than “I love you”. Saying “we” means unconsciously a real intention to bring forward a superficial relationship, to feel part of a duo and a sincere feeling.
The wish for a trip together, the toothbrush put next to yours in the bathroom, fantasize about a future coexistence, they are all signs of a planning! This means that he/she is serious in the choice!

If your relationship starts to extend beyond yourself, and your partner wants more and more to share the “personal” affective sphere (talking of relatives and friends), bringing you into his/her world through the story of important events, well, this is the real transition between a simple infatuation and the beginning of serious relationship!

If you’re carrying he/she in your world through personal and familiar confidences and he/she is distracted, or if he/she looks bored when is together your friends and family members, it means that he/she does not want to consolidate the bond and do not want to go “beyond” the two of you. In this case, it is as to mean “do not run, it’s just an attraction.”

If your new partner does not plan anything, if the time spent with you is always deliberately “sipped,” and the word “future” is still a taboo, it is clear that for he/she this is just a adventure.

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