Marten Gasparini

Published July 5, 2013 by Tony

Kansas City Royals

Marten Gasparini

He did it, managed to fulfill his dream, baseball, his great passione.
Marten Gasparini is an Italian guy of only 16 years old who was born and living in Udine (Friuli), with an Italian dad and a Jamaican mom who was an athlete when young. Gasparini has long lived in London and speaks both English and Italian. On July 3, he flew to America, where baseball is a real institution, to become part of one of the professional teams of Major League Baseball, after signing a $ 1.3 million contract with the Kansas City Royals.
Marten Gasparini, shortstop, 182 cm high and 80 kilograms of weight, grew up in Italian Sultan Cervignano Tiger Baseball, which thanks to the work of the technical staff led by Tito Ricciarelli, continues to collect important successes. “Marten started with us in 2008, he was 11 years old and among eleven players that became part of the federal project to support Marten Gaspariniand stimulate the technical development of young talent in the national baseball” – says the president Ricciarelli. The company Friuli boasts seven athletes gone in the National squad.
Gasparini he joined the Italian baseball, which is located in Tirrenia, in May 2011, when he was 14, and  immediately noticed by the director Bill Holmberg, sure that thanks to his talent would have gone a long way. In 2012 he participated in the Under-15 World Cup in Chihuahua, Mexico, and in the under-18 World Cup in Seoul, South Korea, where he was noticed by Instructional talent scouts. Gasparini played with the Royals at the end of September, for a league preparatory reserved for younger players.
Everyone wanted him. Despite his young age, Marten is considered one of the world’s top prospects in baseball. In addition to the Kansas City Royals, there were other exceptional suitors as the LA Dodgers, Chicago Cubs and Mariners.
Many experts say that Gasparini is the best European promise they’ve ever seen, while the official site of Major League considers him to fourth place of international promises. The contract with the Royals is the highest ever signed by a major league team with a European player: the previous record was with the German Max Kepler, who in 2009 had signed with the Minnesota Twins for $ 800,000.
What can I say, congratulations Marten!

Marten Gasparini

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