Costa Concordia after the disaster

Published July 7, 2013 by Tony

– Concordia Salvaging –

The cruise ship “Costa Concordia” is lying half-submerged on the rocks of Giglio’s isle and has remained so since January 13, 2013, when the tragedy struck, with 4229 people on board, of which 30 died and 2 still missing.
The common goal, now, is to remove the boat and keep the sea clean protecting the environment. For this reason, together with technicians and engineers also collaborate researchers of University in Rome and agencies for environmental protection. From the tanks have already been removed more than 2,000 tons of diesel fuel without polluting the sea. Recovery works, divided into 4 phases and which will be lasting six months, have already begun. With the first phase by August, poles and cables will be stuck in the seabed and other poles in the cliff, in order to create a sort of “cradle” made with sandbags and a steel platform. The ship’s keel will be reinforced with steel plates and at the submerged side will be attacked some big and empty boxes. With the second phase, the boxes on the left side will be filled with water, to try to rotate and straighten the ship by pulling the cables. In the third phase, others bins will mount on the right side. Thru the final stage all the bins will be filled with air, to let the ship float and tow it.
The large piece of rock of 140 tons, still stuck in the keel, will be removed in pieces and put in its original place as a monument in memory of the tragedy.

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