Published July 28, 2013 by Tony


Summer, time for vacation and hotel booking.
As always, with a greater influx of customers the number of objects “stolen” in the hotels
increases, especially luxury ones. Someone is not content to bring a pen or a bottle-opener, and put in his baggage linen or cutlery.
Here the objects that are most often stolen in hotels:

1   Bathrobe
2   Food/drink from the fridge
3   Cutlery
4   Bottle opener
5   Ipod docking station
6   Kleenex holder
7   Sheets
8   Phon
9   Pillow
10 Crutch
11 Cups or glasses
12 The Bible
13 Small artwork
14 Light bulb
15 Curtain
16 Picture Frame

For the operators, this is a deep-rooted malpractice and for this reason many hotels have marked every items with their logo. The Waldorf Astoria, in New York, has launched a kind of “amnesty” and invited to return all objects stolen from 1960 and declaring the manner in which the objects were “taken,” with the promise to publish the best confessions on Facebook.
Typically, when the “purloining” is discovered, hoteliers turn a blind eye and, either the customer is invited to return the stolen property, or it is charged on the bill.

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